from the District, see what we are working on, what we have accomplished and what is planned for the future of our District.

Our school district has been through numerous changes and upgrades within the last few years, from the new technology installed at the Elementary School to the complete re wiring of the entire Middle and High School Campus we have come a long way in just a few short years.

The District has completely revamped it's website to make the communication efforts better between the District and parents, students and members of the local community.


Some of the things we have done in regards to technology over the last four years are listed below so you can see how much emphasis the School District and the Board of Education is putting towards the schools technology.

Completly re cabled the entire Middle School and High School Campus with the latest availble cabling technology that will allow our internal network speeds to reach 1Gbps with the current hardware and the expandability to reach speeds of up to 10Gbps in the future.

We have also added a complete Campus Wide Centrally Managed Wireless Data Network from a company that was founded by a few University of Illinois graduates, with future plans to add a completely seperate "public" wireless system campus wide for parents to use at school sponsored events.

The implementation of "Interactive Whiteboards" by Promethean in every classroom in the new Elementary School and the High School Science Department and a few in the Middle School will increase classroom learning and give our teachers the opportunity to engage thier students with technology tools inside of the classroom.

The parents of the District asked for online grades and the District and Board of Education listened and completely updated it's internal Student Information System allowing for parent access to grades, attendance and more.



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